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Kawaii Store Review 1 ♥
Saturday, January 5, 2013 | 0 peterpan(s)

Kawaii Store review 1

Hello there guys! this is my first store review and i hope you like it! :)
 Morning Glory, Cute Asian store
Rate: 5 stars 
comments: I think the store is great! with all the cute stuffed Asian characters from Japan and Korea. They also have backpacks, stickers, school supplies, plates and utensils, car fresheners, key chains, jewelry and etc. All of the items in the store are so cute but expensive! Most Asian stores have items that are expensive. I've been to the store a million times! Their business is pretty quaint and quiet. not much people go there often. Their quality is really great, none ripped or teared. This store is elegant all the time! :) this is the end of my review. Thanks for reading! Here is a picture of one of their stores:
Morning Glory store