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Good Riddance November, Hello December!
Saturday, December 1, 2012 | 0 peterpan(s)

Hey guys. It's me again and i want to say IT'S DECEMBER!

The smell of sugar cookies aflock,

The light of Christmas trees,

And the sheet of snow on the ground.

All of this makes December, December. :) December just makes me want things that Saint Nick will send me. Even though he doesn't give me any presents, doesn't mean he's not real, it means that he put me on the naughty list or he just missed my house or i just believed in a different religion than he did. Real or not, he makes me smile every year. and it makes no difference about it.
Christmas or no Christmas, I still believe in him. :). for all the people who don't believe in santa, i don't really care what you say about him, he makes a difference anywhere he goes.

I hope you have a Happy HO-lidays. And a Happy New Year.
-Sydney :)