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Annyeong! My Name is Sydney Kwan and I love Kpop! Please don't plagiarize in any language or leave any mean comments! thank you!


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Annyeong! I'M ALIVE...i mean IM BACK!
Friday, September 14, 2012 | 0 peterpan(s)

Hey guys! sorry i have been gone so long! i know, u boutta say WHY U NO COME BACK?! Well, i have been going to school for the past month and i have lots of homework to do! You can email me personally if you wanna chat: hanibakiss@gmail.com
OH! one more thang, there has been this youtube dud, his name is "thetkmamasucks" (look him up on google) and he is hurting my friend and me. I THINK HE KNOWS WHO I AM TALKING BOUT! he such a jerk, if you wanna join the fight with me i will set up a fb page soon and i will tell you guys laters! 
buh byes!
Sydney :)